Gym Groups - 1

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Location: Arun Leisure Centre Felpham

Weekday Start Time End Time Frequency
Tuesday 09:30 10:30 Weekly

GYM 2                          Contact

Location: North Bersted Community Centre

Weekday Start Time End Time Frequency
Wednesday 11:30 12:30 Weekly

Have fun and get fitter at the same time

For more information please use the contact link on this page

This small friendly group meets on Tuesday mornings from 9.30 until 10.30, in the Gym at the Arun Leisure Centre at Felpham. We do not have exclusive use of the Gym, but have full access to the range of equipment there, and members are free to select their own exercise routine, energetic or less so, for the session. We have our own instructor, who can guide and advise.

There is also the option for a swim at the Centre after the session, included in the subscription.

We pay quarterly in advance, usually around 35 per person per quarter, exact amount depending on number of members in the group and whether there are 12 or 13 weeks in the quarter.