The Groups

We have over 50 groups covering many and varied interests, our aim being to provide a range of groups that stimulate mentally, physically and socially as well as providing a fair measure of fun.

Our group list is not only listed alphabetically, but also by day (group meeting days) for you to browse. Some are so popular that there is more than one group to cover the subject, e.g. table tennis. Occasionally, due to popularity, some groups have waiting lists as there are not enough numbers to start another group but too many for the venue (some are held in members homes) or to enable the group to function safely or effectively. Don't let waiting lists put you off. There are alternative subjects which you may not even have considered and waiting lists do resolve themselves thanks to the group leaders.

Our group leaders are members of U3A and not paid "teachers". They have volunteered to offer their skills to lead groups and are the central part of Bognor Regis U3A. They may be subject specialists, or members who have taken the approach that "I'm sure I could do that". They may even be members who have identified a subject not being covered and then discovered that with support from the rest of a potential group and use of supporting material from U3A they could take this subject forward. We are always on the look-out for new groups and new group leaders so if you can identify a viable subject and/or feel you could be involved please get in touch.

SO now, it's over to you, browse the lists, make the contact and then enjoy!