What is the u3a?

The concept was first developed in France and then just over 40 years ago three friends thought it was such a good idea they proposed to start the U3A here in the UK.

The underlying premise is that once we are retired there is more to life than relaxing all day or watching daytime television.

Why not get together with people who share your interests, hobbies and passions?

Why not offer to impart some of your lifetime knowledge, be it, quilting, Art Deco architecture, a language, parish churches, a sport?  The list is endless.

We learn with others, from others.

The groups that make up any U3A are run by the members, for the members, in a memberís house or in a hall, gym, swimming pool, to suit the size of the group and the activity.

The only qualification to joining is that you are retired or semi-retired and you should by over 55
with no day-to-day parental responsibility.

For life in the U3A watch this video or for those with an artistic flair watch this video.